Prices in Spain

Couple / Family / Individual photoshoots

(1-2 people/adults or a family with kids)

  • 150€ - 1 hour, "light option", 30 pictures  in one location.
  • 200€ - 1,5 hours, "medium option", 45 pictures and possibility to change a nearby locations.
  • 250€ - 2 hours, "optimal option", 70 pictures and options to change locations including more distant ones.
  • +120€ per every additional hour (after first 2 hours).
  • +30€ for every additional participating adult besides the first 2.
  • 370€ "all included" - 1.5-2 hours of shooting with professional makeup and hairstyle for 1 person.
  • 600€ "day pack" - 5 hours of complete Barcelona experience - walking and experiencing the city with capturing every beautiful moment, or also going outside of the city, ~250 photos.
  • +40€ - all unedited pictures in jpeg at the same day
  • +60€ - all pictures ready in 48hrs


Wedding photography

  • 120€ per hour - (minimum 2hrs) wedding photoshoot, you receive averagely at least 50 pics per each hour of shooting.


Content, partnership & miscellaneous

I am open to discuss individual conditions of partnership (monthly basis or single shooting) with independent professionals or businesses (restaurants and cafes, hotels, clinics, agencies, brands, shops, designers, etc).

  • In order to secure your shoot, a booking fee is required (50€ for regular photoshoots; 30% of the entire amount for weddings; individually set amount for photoshoots out of Barcelona). This is not an extra fee, but is deducted from the full price of a chosen option. The rest of the amount is to be paid right after the photoshoot.
  • Additional expenses during photoshoot as long as all expenses for shooting outside of Barcelona are covered by the client.
  • All pictures you receive are edited.  
  • All pictures will be ready in about 10 days (for photoshoots), wedding photoshoots over 3 hours will be ready within 3 weeks.
  • All pictures will be sent in high resolution collected in personal gallery. The gallery will expire in 1 month. 
  • You can also order a photobook or a slideshow with your pictures (upon individual request) and use the services of professional makeup artist and hair dresser for additional cost.